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Peter Osborne -

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Peter Osborne has led Rubicon since 1999 managing a wide range of development plans, strategic plans, feasibility studies, business plans, training programmes, evaluations, and economic appraisals. Peter has considerable practical knowledge of public policy including good relations, community development and economic development.

Peter is a Northern Ireland Board member of the BIG Lottery which distributes funding all over Northern Ireland. He chairs the Parades Commission for Northern Ireland.

Peter is also a voluntary secondary review panel member for the SEUPB covering appeals from all panels to Peace II Extension and now Peace III.

He was a Director of the Building Change Trust, a £10 million trust to promote long-term sustainability within the voluntary and community sector in the context of RPA.

He is a former Board member of Enterprise Ulster, a former Director of a local health trust, and a former Director of the Northern Ireland Partnership Board, the precursor to SEUPB.

Peter was a Custody Visitor on behalf of the Policing Board. He was a Commissioner with the Parades Commission for six years and was a Commissioner of the Legal Services Commission for Northern Ireland for three years.

Peter has a thorough understanding of local government having served as an elected member of Castlereagh Borough Council for 12 years.

Peter founded and chaired for the first seven years, Landmark East, a large property-based social enterprise in Northern Ireland, with an asset base of £3 million, during which time he picked up the Aisling Award for Business Achievement.


Janette Scott

Janette was born in 1968 in Monaghan and has been employed by Rubicon since 2008.

She has been heavily involved in community and economic development all of her working career managing The Bridge community transportation social enterprise, managing the Oasis volunteering initiative and latterly establishing and managing Lisburn Community Network. She was also Economic Development Officer with the East Belfast Partnership. Janette has also been involved as a volunteer herself reflecting her commitment to empowering and developing local communities.

Janette has managed Peace II and Peace II Extension programmes for the Bridge as a recipient of funding from CFNI, and for Lisburn Community Network, as a recipient of assistance from Lisburn LSP.

Janette participated in the United States based International Women's Leadership programme, developing skills in lobbying and advocacy that she brings to all of her assignments.

Janette is currently a volunteer Custody Visitor ensuring that detainees are adequately represented and cared for in the criminal justice system. She has also voluntarily raised funds for St Mary's School Dublin for Deaf Children and the RP Society based in Dublin.